Nigeria: Massive Flooding Kills Scores of People

Massive flooding has displaced tens of thousands of Nigerians. (Google Images)

CNN is reporting that ravaging floods killed dozens in Nigeria and displaced tens of thousands of residents as crocodiles, hippos and other water animals washed into homes.

The floods have left 148 people dead and affected 21 of the nation’s three dozens states, according to the local Red Cross.

The author writes, “Torrential downpours in recent weeks have caused widespread destruction and forced many families into makeshift camps,” the aid agency said on its website. “An estimated 134,000 people have now been affected by the floods and concern is growing about the spread of waterborne diseases.”

The floods have affected a series of states, including Benue and Bayelsa, the latter of which is having significant problems due to the swampy terrain (similar to that of Florida in the United States).

Tens of thousands of people have been displaced, yet currently there is no relief because the flooding was unexpected.

Read more at CNN.

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