Hurricane Sandy Slams Jamaica and Cuba

BBC Latin America is reporting that Hurricane Sandy slammed Jamaica leaving one person dead. Hundreds of people took refuge in emergency shelters and schools as the hurricane which arrived as a category 1 hit the island. Airports on the island were closed. Jamaican journalist Basillia Barnaby reports that search is underway to find some who are feared to be trapped or missing.

Hurricane Sandy has since reached south east Cuba, becoming a category 2 hurricane. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) reports that wind gusts of up to to 113 mph have been reported in Santiago de Cuba. Residents are being warned that the hurricane is bringing heavy rain which could “produce life-threatening flash floods and mudslides, especially in areas of mountainous terrain”. Many people have lost their homes, and whilst some have secured good home insurance that gives them the means to rebuild (read the review here) the damage is still devastating.

Forecasters said up to 300mm of rain (11 inches) of rain was expected to fall in some areas of eastern Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Some mountainous areas of the Caribbean could see up nearly 20 inches of rain.

The effects of Hurricane Sandy are being felt in South Florida and Kill Devil Hills, NC. If you live in this region it’s important to get your home checked for damage by roofing contractors austin or a handyman because small issues can turn into costly repair work if it’s left.

Read more at BBC Latin America. Follow the Hurricane at the National Hurricane Center.

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