Venezuela: Hugo Chavez Suffering from Lung Infection

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez is suffering from a severe lung infection. (Google Images)

CNN is reporting that Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez is suffering from a “severe” lung infection. Mr. Chavez has been battling cancer and is reportedly in respiratory failure due to the lung infection.

Catherine E. Skoichet of CNN writes:

“Chavez, 58, has been hospitalized in Cuba since undergoing cancer surgery more than three weeks ago.

He is following a strict treatment regimen for “respiratory insufficiency” caused by the infection, Venezuelan Information Minister Ernesto Villegas said in a televised statement Thursday night.

The information minister did not provide details about the treatment or prognosis. ‘It is something quite serious in many cases,’ said Dr. Elmer Huerta, an oncologist and past president of the American Cancer Society. Chavez is probably on artificial respiration and receiving high doses of antibiotics, Huerta told CNN en Español. The situation is further complicated by the fact that Chavez’s immune system is already weakened from cancer, he said.”

Read more at CNN.

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