Dick Gregory Unchained: Calls Out Spike Lee

Comedian/activist Dick Gregory slams filmmaker Spike Lee for refusing to see Quentin Tarantino’s film ‘Django Unchained.’ (Google Images)

by Nsenga K. Burton

In a video (audio recording) hosted by WeAllBeTV’s YouTube channel, activist and comedian Dick Gregory calls out Spike Lee for being hypocritical in his stance on Quentin Tarantino’s film Django Unchained. He slams the filmmaker calling him a ‘thug’ and a ‘punk’ and chastises Lee for his representation of Malcolm X in Lee’s film. Mr. Gregory says that he has seen ‘Django Unchained’ 12 times and says, “never in the history of Hollywood have I seen a film that freed the inside of me.”  Check out Mr. Gregory’s comments below:

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