Atlanta Negotiating With Historic Churches to Keep NFL Downtown

Atlanta’s Friendship Baptist Church is one of two historic churches currently in negotiations with the city, potentially resulting in the churches moving to make way for a new NFL stadium. (Google Images)

Ron Allen of NBC News is reporting that the city of Atlanta is negotiating with two historic churches in the city to move them in order to build a new NFL stadium downtown. Parishioners of the Friendship Baptist Church are divided in their support of and opposition to the proposal, while leaders at Mount Vernon Baptist have not yet commented.

Allen writes:

The first offer was about $10 million, or about 10 times the appraised market value of the church and its land.

“It is something that we are looking at very carefully and prayerfully because we understand that this, in a way, is a once-in-a-lifetime decision,” said Friendship Baptist board leader Lloyd Hawk, who has been a member for about five decades. 

When asked about the odds of selling or staying, Hawk responded, “I think the congregation right now is very open to possibilities and opportunities in discussion.” 

Read more at NBC News.

This news brief was written by Kaitlin Higgins, editorial assistant for The Burton Wire.

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