Kanye and Kimmel Feud: What’s Race Got to Do With It?

Is race a factor in the Kanye West, Jimmy Kimmel feud? (Photo Credit: Google Images)

Is race a factor in the Kanye West, Jimmy Kimmel feud?
(Photo Credit: Google Images)

Kanye West is in the news again — this time due to a feud with comedian and late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. West is fuming over a skit that Kimmel performed likening West to a whining child based on West’s interview with BBC which at best West is a meglomaniac or at worst, battling mental illness. In a post entitled, “Burning Question: Is the Kanye-Kimmel Twitter Feud for Real … and Does Kanye Have a Point?”  Yahoo columnist Leslie Gornstein asked The Burton Wire to weigh-in on the feud.

“‘Kimmel was trying to be funny, but he isn’t black and doesn’t have a history of being infantilized or talked down to in the same way that black men have,’ says Nsenga Burton, founder of the African Diaspora blog The Burton Wire. ‘He’s just thinking about the joke, the punchline. He’s not thinking about what black artists, or black people in general, have dealt with for as long as we can remember. But then again, Kimmel doesn’t have to; he’s a white man.'”

Read the post in its entirety at Yahoo.

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  1. Leigh

    I have been trying for several years to figure out why it is ok for African Americans to degrade their own race, and also degrade other races as well, but when the shoe is on the other foot we get upset.

  2. Steve

    Oh please, I can’t believe you’re playing the race card here. Kanye Kardashian (West) is a egotistical, blow hard and has brought all this redicule upon himself.

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