BREAKING: Attorney General Eric Holder Hospitalized

The United States' first African-American Attorney General has been hospitalized.  (Photo Credit: Google Images)

The United States’ first African-American Attorney General has been hospitalized.
(Photo Credit: Google Images)

Kevin Johnson of USA Today is reporting that United States Attorney General Eric Holder has been hospitalized for shortness of breath. Johnson writes:

“Justice Department spokesman Brian Fallon said Holder began experiencing the symptoms during a regular senior staff meeting at the department.

‘As a precaution, the attorney general was taken to MedStar Washington Hospital Center to undergo further evaluation,’Fallon said. ‘He is currently resting comfortably and in good condition. He is alert and conversing with his doctors.’

Holder, 63, was sworn in five years ago as the 82nd attorney general of the United States.

A former deputy attorney general in the Clinton administration, Holder is the first African American to hold the top post at the Justice Department.”

In other news concerning Holder, a coalition of Black pastors called for Holder’s impeachment over same-sex marriage. Benjamin Fearnow of CBS Local reports:

“A coalition of African-American civil rights leaders and pastors announced a campaign to gather 1 million signatures to impeach Attorney General Eric Holder for attempting to undermine states’ authority to ‘coerce states to fall in line with same-sex marriage.’

Speaking at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, the Coalition of African-American Pastors (CAAP) is calling for Holder’s impeachment for ‘attempting to impose ‘same-sex marriage’ throughout the nation despite federal law, rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court, and state constitutional amendments to the contrary,” reads the online petition.’

The Burton Wire wonders aloud why a group of Black pastors would call for the impeachment of the nation’s first African-American United States Attorney General and the only Attorney General in recent memory to pass laws that address sentencing disparities that negatively impact black families? We also wonder how a group of “Christians” that were discriminated against for centuries would then use the same tool used to justify their oppression (The Bible), against another disenfranchised group? We wonder if these “good Christians” will realize that when they say Holder’s hospitalization is due to God’s will (t-minus-40 and counting for that announcement), that they must then also acknowledge that equal protection for disenfranchised groups under man-made laws is also God’s will?

Read more about these stories at USA Today and CBS Local.

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