Mya Aeten-White: Howard University Student Shot During Ferguson Protests

Photo Credit: Mya Aeten-White's Instagram page.

Photo Credit: Mya Aeten-White’s Instagram page.

Manny Fantis of WUSA is reporting that Mya Aeten-White, a 2012 Howard University graduate, who was shot during the Ferguson protests, will recover from her injuries. Aeten-White says she was shot in the head on Wednesday when police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at the crowds of protestors who had gathered to protest the killing of unarmed teenager Michael Brown.

Fantis writes:

“Mya White shared a photo on Instagram of her face scraped and bruised and with her neck in a brace.

On Thursday, she shared a post that read: ‘We don’t die. We multiply.’ That post was shared thousands of times and her story is becoming one of the many viral social media stories from the situation in Ferguson.”

Aeten-White was attending graduate school in St. Louis. She posted on her Instagram account that she was “okay” and in police custody.

Howard University issued a statement on Aeten-White via Twitter:

Photo Credit: Howard University/Twitter

Photo Credit: Howard University/Twitter

Read more on WUSA or EURWeb.

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