Black American Globetrotters are Fastest-Growing Travel Market

Members of Nomadness Travel Tribe. (Photo Credit: Nomadness Travel Series - Facebook)

Members of Nomadness Travel Tribe.
(Photo Credit: Nomadness Travel Series – Facebook)

Writing for The Daily Beast, Charlise Ferguson explores the fastest-growing travel market — young, hip, urban millenials. Using social media tools like Facebook and Instagram, this demographic which includes black travelers are definitively world travelers. In the article entitled, “We Out Here: Inside the New Black Travel Movement, ” Ferguson writes about the Nomadness Travel Tribe, a group of 9,000 predominately African American globetrotters, ages 25 to 40,  that live to travel. Ferguson writes:

“At last count, the tight-knit travel clique has collectively visited all but a dozen countries on the map, hosting meet-ups in cities around the world, from New York to Dubai. They even have matching tattoos. And they booked hundreds of tickets within hours.

‘We’re here,’ says Evita Robinson, 30, the creator of Nomadness Travel Tribe. ‘We may be the only black people in India, but we in here. We may be the only black people in Tokyo getting all the looks, but we’re still in here.'”

Members of Nomadness Travel Tribe booked over 400 flights to the Middle East, Asia and Africa for leisure travel in 2015 over the past two months alone, and that doesn’t even include family, friends, and the folks on Black Twitter, tagging along with them. According to the New York Times, social media savvy black travelers are the largest untapped market by the trillion-dollar travel industry.

Read Ferguson’s article in its entirety at The Daily Beast.

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