Charlie Sifford: First Black Golfer on PGA Tour Dies

Golf pioneer Charlie Sifford dies at 92.  (Photo: PGA)

Golf pioneer Charlie Sifford dies at 92.
(Photo: PGA) is reporting that Charlie Sifford, the first black golfer on the PGA tour has died of cardiac arrest. The author writes:

“During his career, Sifford won the UGA National Negro Open six times but was excluded from PGA competition due its “Caucasian only” policy. (Video via WEWS)

But Sifford was adamant about changing that, even though he received death threats in the process. In 1961, Sifford broke down golf’s color barrier and became the first black man to earn a PGA Tour card. (Video via Back9Network)

Sifford went on to win two PGA Tour championships — one in 1967 and the other in 1969. He also became the first black man inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2004.”

The Charlotte, NC native was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom last year. He was 92.

Read more at AJC or NPR.

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