Ghana to Bring Cuban Doctors to Help Mitigate Strike

Flag of Ghana. (Photo: Google Images)

Flag of Ghana. (Photo: Google Images) is reporting that Ghana is bringing 170 doctors from Cuba to help mitigate the deficiencies in health care due to a strike over wages and training. The author writes:

“Health Minister Alex Segbefia said on Wednesday that several people have died without proper emergency attention since the strike began early this month.

 About 2,800 public sector doctors started withdrawing services to out-patient departments before extending the strike to emergency wards. Staff at the police and military hospitals that have remained open in the capital say they have been stretched thin as civilians come there for emdical services.
Flag of Cuba. (Photo: Google Images)

Flag of Cuba. (Photo: Google Images)

The government says the strike, led by the Ghana Medical Association Union, is illegal and that it will only negotiate when the medical staff, striking over perceived poor working conditions, return to work.

Segbefia said there is no set date for the Cuban doctors to arrive, but plans have begun.”


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