Dominican Republic: Radio Hosts Killed During Facebook Live Broadcast


Photo: Twitter Feed

Eric Levenson and Sarah Faidell of CNN are reporting radio hosts Luis Manuel Medina and Leonidas Martinez were killed during Medina’s monologue while broadcasting on Facebook Live. Levenson and Faidell write:

“As followers of Luis Manuel Medina’s Facebook Live video watched another of his radio monologues on Tuesday, two loud bangs rang out. Viewers heard a woman yell. They then watched Medina look up from his microphone, his eyes tracking something off-camera. The video abruptly ends. Medina, along with his radio co-worker Leonidas Martinez, were shot and killed Tuesday while hosting their radio program in San Pedro de Macoris in the Dominican Republic, attorney general Jean Rodriguez said in a statement. The Facebook Live video that appears to show the final moments of Medina’s life remains up on his page, flooded by commenters mourning his death.”

Co-worker Dyanna Garcia de Fernandez was injured during the incident. Medina was host and Martinez co-host and producer of the show “Milenio Caliente,” on 103 FM. They talked about social and political issues.

Police have arrested three men for the murders.

Read more at CNN.

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