Sandra Appiah, 23 and Isaac Boateng, 28, both Ghanaian nationals are the founders of Face2Face Africa (F2FA), a New York city-based new media company with a mandate to restore Africa's image within the global community. (Google Images)
Sandra Appiah, 23 and Isaac Boateng, 28, both Ghanaian nationals are the founders of Face2Face Africa (F2FA), a New York city-based new media company with a mandate to restore Africa’s image within the global community. (Google Images)

Writing for, contributor Mfonobong Nsehe pulled together a list of 30 African entrepreneurs under the age of 30. Nsehe enlisted a panel of 12 judges from across Africa to help identify this group of outstanding entrepreneurs and innovators. These entrepreneurs are an inspiration to anyone with similar aspirations of experiencing great success. These entrepreneurs all had to start somewhere in their careers to build this success that they are currently experiencing. They all had to find the best credit card to build credit to help finance their business, they all had to deal with copyright, all had to make sure there weren’t any holes in their plan etc. which just goes to show how passionate they are. The first step that they took may have been deciding on the layout of their websites, through getting some inspiration from WebCreationUK, (you can check their profile on for more information) so that they had the chance to make people become aware of their business before it was officially launched. This could definitely help people to get a headstart in becoming a successful entrepreneur. There are many other things that can be done to help make this job a lot easier. Any new entrepreneur would find FileCenter’s tutorial on scanning documents into word to be extremely useful. This might help ensure order and control is not lost in the madness of running a business. Without further delay, the final list is composed of game changers from all walks of life and a variety of industries including Real Estate, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Media, Tech, Green tech, Healthcare, Agriculture and Fashion. Nsehe writes:

“They’re solving problems like healthcare and electricity shortages, proffering innovative solutions to waste management, building virtual and physical communities and creating lots of jobs. A few of them are manufacturing the foods we love, designing exquisite clothing for our women and some are developing some cool apps for mobile phones across Africa.”

Check out a few of the Top 30 Under 30 Young Entrepreneurs in Africa below:

Patrick Ngowi, Tanzanian

CEO, Helvetic Solar Contractors

Nine years ago, Patrick Ngowi, 28, received a small loan from his mother to start off a business. He started off selling Chinese mobile phones, but when he discovered that a tiny fraction of Tanzanians enjoyed any access to stable and reliable electricity, he knew he had to rectify that problem. Ngowi set up Helvetic Solar Contractors Limited, a company that is a pioneer in the supply, installation and maintenance of solar systems throughout the Northern Circuit of Tanzania. Helvetic Solar Contractors is the first company in the Northern Circuit to cater for Solar needs. The company did about $3 million in revenues last year. Read more about Patrick Ngowi and Helvetic Solar here.

Lorna Rutto, Kenyan

Green Tech Entrepreneur, Founder, EcoPost

Lorna Rutto, 28 is the founder of EcoPost, a profitable social enterprise which manufactures aesthetic, durable and environmentally friendly fencing posts using plastic waste, a more environmentally friendly alternative to timber. EcoPost collects this plastic waste (such as polypropylene and polyethylene) and manufactures fencing posts from it. Rutto has earned international acclaim for her efforts in providing an alternative waste management solution to Kenya’s plastic menace. Read more about Lorna Rutto and Ecopost here.

Rapelang Rabana, South African

Founder, Yeigo Communications

Rapelang Rabana, 28 is the CEO and founder of Yeigo Communications, an innovative Cape Town-based company which develops software for telecoms-related services including Voice over IP, Instant messaging, SMS messaging and push email services. In 2008, Telfree, a Swiss mobile telecommunications firm acquired a 51% stake in Yeigo. Read more about Rapelang Rabana here.

Opeyemi Awoyemi, Olalekan Olude & Ayodeji Adewunmi, Nigerian

Founders, Jobberman

The trio founded Jobberman, Nigeria’s biggest job search engine and aggregator. Jobberman went live in August 2009, and today the site attracts over 50,000 unique users each day. Through simple, yet cutting-edge technology, Jobberman helps link qualified personnel to the right job opportunities. Jobberman is one of the few companies in Nigeria’s tech space that enjoy venture capital backing. Read more about Awoyemi, Olude and Adewunmi and Jobberman here.

Sandra Appiah and Isaac Boateng, Ghanaian

Co-founder, Face2Face Africa

Sandra Appiah, 23 and Isaac Boateng, 28, both Ghanaian nationals are the founders of Face2Face Africa (F2FA), a New York city-based new media company with a mandate to restore Africa’s image within the global community. The company has three divisions: an outfit that publishes a magazine which explores African development, culture, entertainment and fashion, an events business and a thriving website. Read more about Sandra Appiah, Isaac Boateng and Face2Face Africa here.

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  1. I am proud of my brothers and sisters who are putting Africans out there to be seen because in the past we were’nt taken seriuos in terms of business and creating things…..with that been said all my words were its people like these that make young and old Africans proud and given courage to make it in life.


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