The inflated cost of IT infrastructure is a barrier to high-speed internet access in Africa.  (Photo Credit:
The inflated cost of IT infrastructure is a barrier to high-speed internet access in Africa.
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IT News Africa is reporting that Ghanaian Communications Minister Dr. Edward Omane-Boamah says that IT infrastructure costs are inflated on the continent, during the second day of the Regional Development Forum (RDF) and Regional Preparatory Meeting for Africa (RPM AFR) on World Telecommunication Development Conference, 2014 (WTDC 14) in Accra yesterday. The purpose of the conference is to identify priorities for the development of telecommunications, information and communication technologies (ICTs), keeping in mind the needs of member-states, in order to develop an action plan.

The author writes:

“According to him, in the area of infrastructural development, Africa was constantly suffering from exaggerated and often inflated cost of building ICT infrastructure rendering the cost of services very high even after granting generous incentives to the private sector.

This, he said, was also in competition with other pressing national requirements for developments in health, education, agriculture and other sectors of the national economy.”

The high cost of infrastructure is limiting high-speed internet access to certain regions of countries. Dr. Omane-Boamah called on African Nations to ensure the affordability of high-speed access to everyone regardless of location.

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