Barbados: University CEO Venkat Rao Arrested for Fraud

Caribbean 360 is reporting Gopi Venkat Rao, the head of Washington University’s Medical School (Barbados) has been arrested for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars from students in India. Rao was led away in handcuffs from the campus which is located in St. Philip’s parish. Caribbean 360 reports:

“Media outlets India Times News Network and The Hindu newspaper reported on September 29 that more than 200 students were duped by an educational consultancy firm of which Venkat is the owner. Six of Venkat’s staff members were arrested in India, and police launched a hunt for the director, his wife Nikita Venkat and an associate identified as Zameer, The Hindu newspaper reported.

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The alleged fraudsters convinced clients that they had secured tie-ups with medical institutions in several countries. They allegedly promised them seats in medical colleges in the US and China. Police also identified four similar cases where Venkat allegedly duped several students and then shut shop to restart in a different province, according to the respected newspaper based in Chennai.”

Prior to his arrest, Venkat Rao had been unreachable, with students not having access to food, electricity or other necessities. Many of the students exhausted all of their financial resources from their parents to attend the school in hopes of being placed in jobs in the United States of America.

Read more about this story at Caribbean 360.

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