Boko Haram Continues Attack on Survivors; Hear Children’s Stories

A young girl is orphaned after Boko Haram attacks. (Photo: Google Images)

A young girl is orphaned after Boko Haram attacks. (Photo: Google Images)

CNN‘s Nic Robertson has been covering the Boko Haram crisis in Nigeria and neighboring countries. Boko Haram’s terror across the country has continued with an invasion of Cameroon over the weekend. Boko Haram took nearly 80 people captive, most of whom were children. The BBC is reporting that 20 of the captives have been freed, in what is being reported as one of the largest kidnappings outside of Nigeria. Many fear that the extremist group is expanding its reach with little to no military intervention.

CNN‘s Nic Robertson sat down and interviewed some of the youngest survivors of the Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria, many of whom have been orphaned and witnesses to violence. They are experiencing nightmares, have little to no food to eat and are terrorized by the daily attacks by Boko Haram. Many have fled into the mountains of Jas, but Boko Haram follows and kills them. Robertson is reporting that the Nigerian military and government is ill-equipped to fight the extremist group.

Watch Robertson’s exclusive video on CNN here.

Read more at CNN, BBC and Naij News.

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