Brazil: 31 Student Arrests in Protests Over Rio Bus Fares

Students are protesting an increase in bus fares in Rio de Janeiro. (Google Images)

Students are protesting an increase in bus fares in Rio de Janeiro. (Google Images)

Ben Tavener of The Rio Times is reporting that protests over the increase in bus fares in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil have resulted in 31 arrests, after demonstrators clashed with riot police. Tavener writes:

“Police reportedly used rubber bullets, stun grenades and pepper spray against the protesters, who are accused of causing damage to public and police property. Protesters set light to traffic cones, threw stones at cars and buses, and damaged a building belonging to telecom company Embratel.

One student also allegedly damaged a police motorbike. At least some of the students are from the city’s main federal university, UFRJ.

Around 250 protesters are reportedly to have blockaded roads in central Rio, including Avenida Presidente Vargas and Avenida Rio Branco, which led to severe traffic congestion in the areas affected.”

Students are protesting a 7.27 percent in bus fares (R $2.75 to R$2.95). Sao Paolo saw protests last week as well due to bus fare increases.

Read more at The Rio Times.

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