Brazil: President Dilma Rousseff Sworn In

Brazil's president Dilma Rousseff is sworn in for her second term. (Google Images)

Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff is sworn in for her second term. (Google Images)

Lisa Alves of The Rio Times is reporting that Brazil president Dilma Rousseff was sworn into her second term on Jan. 1. President Rousseff promised to make education this administration’s top priority during the next four years. The reporter writes:

“By naming Brazil ‘the country of education’ we are stating that education will be the priority of all priorities,” she said during her inauguration speech in Brasília, adding that the education sector will begin to receive ‘more significant’ volumes of revenues from petroleum royalties and the exploration of the sub-salt layer.

As Rousseff enters her second term, Brazil’s economy is facing one its worst moments in decades, with nearly zero economic growth and increasing inflation.

“More than anyone, I know that Brazil needs to once again grow,” said the President, adding that the first steps of this journey would necessarily mean an adjustment in public accounts and an increase in domestic savings. Yet Rousseff noted her administration will not tolerate high inflation and would once again defeat the false thesis that there is a conflict between economic stability and social investments.”

Brazilians have been protesting educational conditions for the last couple of years. Protesters want free university education, respect for teachers’ rights and better quality education at state-run schools.

Dilma also promised to end corruption. Rousseff swore in 39 ministers who will make up her cabinet for her second term. Twenty-seven re-elected and new governors were also sworn into their respective states across Brazil.

In 2011, President Rousseff became the first woman to be elected president of Brazil.

Read more at The Rio Times.

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