S. Africa: #AmINext Trending Amid Gender-Based Violence Protests

Gender based violence is rampant in South Africa and has been described as a national crisis by some. Rape survivor Norma...

Theresa Kachindamoto: Woman Chief Ends Child Marriages

Relieved is reporting Theresa Kachindamoto has come to power as a chief in Monkey Bay Malawi and has ended child marriages....

Sudan: Four Student Protesters Shot Dead

BBC Africa and Reuters are reporting at least four school children and one adult were shot dead as security services broke...

Africa: W. African Countries Court Single ‘ECO’ Currency

West Africa has pulled the trigger. Leaders of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) have adopted the name 'ECO'...

Women’s World Cup: African Teams Stereotyped Despite Great Performance

Writing for ThinkProgress.com, Lindsay Gibbs discusses the hypocrisy of the democracy known as the sports playing field as it relates to...

Sudan: Facts About the African Nation in Crisis

The North African Country of Sudan is in crisis. After the forced and successful removal of president Omar al-Bashir, who had...

Netflix: Streaming Giant Picks Up African Cartoon (Video)

Variety is reporting streaming giant Netflix has acquired an African animated series entitled, "Mama K's Team 4," a first for the...

AfroPop: Explores #MeToo & Global Black Experience Tonight

Tonight, the eleventh season of AfroPoP: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange continues with a documentary placing the #MeToo and women’s struggle center...

Dakar: Fashion Week Shows Vibrancy of Style and City

Reporting for The Guardian, photojournalist Finbarr O'Reilly takes readers on a dazzling journey to Dakar's fashion scene with a beautiful photo...

Zimbabwe: Govt Agrees to Wage Increase Amid Protests

Reuters Africa is reporting government officials have agreed to give public servants a cost of living wage increase amid growing protests....

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