African Nations to Boycott EU and Africa Summit Over Non-Invitations?

Reporting for Voice of America, Irwin Chifera is reporting that the European Union (EU) and Africa summit, which is set for...

BBC Presenter and Journalist Komla Dumor Dies at 41

Referred to as the 'face and voice of Africa,' BBC presenter Komla Dumor has died of a heart attack.  In an...

Puerto Rico: Another University President Resigns

The Associated Press is reporting that Ana Guadalupe, president of the University of Puerto Rico has resigned. Guadalupe is the eleventh...

Brazil: Economy Falls Into a Recession

BBC News Latin America is reporting that Brazil has fallen into a recession just one month before the general election. This...

Nigeria: Mobil Must Pay Court Ordered $83.4 Million Tax

The Associated Press is reporting that Nigeria's Tax Appeal Tribunal has ordered Mobil Oil Nigeria to pay $83.4 million in education...

Netflix Goes Spanish: Releasing First Original Spanish Series

Justin Bachman of Businessweek is reporting that Netflix (NFLX) is releasing its first original non-English-language series after expanding to 41 countries...

Israel Accused of Expelling Africans by Human Rights Watch

0 is reporting that Human Rights Watch has accused the Israeli government of forcing thousands of African asylum seekers to return...

Black Businesses Resuscitating Detroit’s Resurgence

Kate Abbey-Lambertz of the Huffington Post is reporting that black owned businesses are quietly helping Detroit's economic recovery, but getting little...

Haiti: Airport to be Renamed in Honor of Hugo Chavez

Caribbean 360 is reporting that Haiti will rename Cap-Haitien International Airport in the north to Hugo Chavez International Airport after the...

Loretta Lynch Expected to be Next Attorney General

CNN is reporting that President Obama has nominated Loretta Lynch to be the next United States Attorney General.  If confirmed, Lynch...

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