AFRICA: U.S. to Send Troops to 35 African Countries

CBS News is reporting the United States is sending troops to 35 African countries in 2013 as an anti-terror measure to...

Brazil: Floods Claim Lives; Displace 3,000 Families

Anna Kaiser, contributing reporter to The Rio Times , is reporting that torrential rains tore across Rio de Janeiro state late...

Hurricane Katrina: A Statistical Snapshot Eight Years Later

Mark Waller of (The Times-Picayune) is reporting on the impact of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans eight years after the...

Integration of Wild Foods Into Diets Could Help Combat Malnutrition

0 has published a report from IRIN detailing the often unknown benefits of wild forest foods and fruits in combatting malnutrition...

Brazil: Economy Falls Into a Recession

BBC News Latin America is reporting that Brazil has fallen into a recession just one month before the general election. This...

Ethiopia: Africa’s First Commodity Exchange Transformed Economy

In the Guardian, Lauren Everitt of All interviews Eleni Gabre-Madhin on how a market has empowered Ethiopian farmers by focusing...

Meet Phyllis Omido: Kenya’s ‘Erin Brokovich’

Emma Daly of Human Rights Watch is profiling the activism of Phyllis Omido, a Kenyan woman who led the fight against...

Lions Facing Extinction in West Africa

BBC News Africa is reporting that the lion in Africa is critically endangered. A new survey states that there has been...

10 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need to Be Voting Today

1. VOTER SUPPRESSION Early voting lines in Miami-Dade County were four and five hours long over the weekend. This after Rep. Rick...

U.S.: Blacks More Likely to Get Less Sleep

Studies on sleep have shown how important it is to get a good night's sleep. Those who sleep for a shorter...

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