My Bloody Valentine: Oscar Pistorius Tweets About Girlfriend

Fresh from our "creepy Valentine" file, is reporting that alleged murderer, paraolympian Oscar Pistorius has chosen Valentine's Day to speak...

Akosua Report: Ralph David Abernathy

Bring on your tear gas, bring on your grenades, your new supplies of Mace, your state troopers and even your national...

President Obama Makes First Visit to Israel

Matt Spetalnick and Crispian Balmer of Reuters are reporting that U.S. President Barack Obama has arrived in Tel Aviv on Wednesday,...

VIDEO: What Has Changed Since George Floyd’s Killing

The BBC has produced a video examining what has changed globally in the 100 days since the killing of George Floyd....

Nigeria: Boko Haram Targets Capital

Reuters Africa is reporting that militant Islamists are targeting Nigeria's capital of Abuja and plan to load bombs on petrol lorries...

Burundi: President Returns After Failed Coup

BBC Africa is reporting that Burundi's President Pierre Nkurunziza says he has returned to the country and they are in control...

Educating Black Kids: Obama’s White House Initiative Offers Hope

OPINION by Dr. Rema Reynolds During his speech at the Democratic National Convention (DNC), President Obama talked passionately about education. He stated, “No parent...

Meet the Sheltons: Couple Helped to Desegregate Atlanta’s Restaurants

In 1963, America’s Deep South was a hotbed for hopelessness as a result of racial tension. In Birmingham, AL, blacks striving for...

Dayo Okeniyi: ‘Shades of Blue’ Star’s Role of a Lifetime

People think they know Loman. They have no idea. – Dayo Okeniyi Dayo Okeniyi stars as Detective Michael Loman on NBC’s hit...

What Saudi Arabia’s Stand Against Domestic Violence Means for the Muslim World

Writing for Aquila Style, columnist Fatimah Jackson-Best discusses the implications of Saudi Arabia's recent ban on domestic violence which includes all...

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