South Africa: Anti-Immigrant Protests Erupt in Violence

Protesters took to the streets of Pretoria, South Africa's administrative capital, to protest the presence of "foreigners" in the country based...

Congo: Security Forces Kill 34 in Anti-Kabila Protests

Reuters Africa is reporting security forces in Democratic Republic of Congo killed at least 34 people during protests this week against...

Chibok School Girls: Boko Haram Leaders Freed in Swap Deal?

Jason Hanna and Nima Elbagir of CNN are reporting that conflicting information about the details surrounding the release of 21 Chibok schoolgirls...

Ethiopia: Country in State of Mourning Over Oromo Festival Killings

Multiple media outlets are reporting the Ethiopian government has declared three days of mourning after 55 people died in a stampede at an...

Charlotte: African-American Leaders Call for Systemic Reform

A group of African-American leaders in Charlotte, NC is calling for systemic reform in response to national police violence against African Americans....

Darren Seals: Ferguson Protest Leader Found Dead in Burned Vehicle

The Twitterverse if in an uproar over reports that Ferguson, Mo. social justice activist and protester Darren Seals has been found...

Kendrick Johnson: Family Ordered to Pay Attorneys Fees of Alleged Killers

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES.   NewsOne is reporting the parents of Kendrick Johnson, a teenager whose dead body was found rolled up in a...

London: Ex-Footballer Dalian Atkinson Dies After Police Tasering

BBC is reporting former Premier League footballer Dalian Atkinson has died after being shot with a taser near his father's home...

DOJ Baltimore Police Report: Excessive Force & Retaliation

The Department of Justice released a report on Wednesday on the Civil Rights investigation into the Baltimore Police Department following the death...

South Sudan: 60,000 People Flee to Escape Violence

Deborah Bloom of CNN Africa is reporting 60,000 people, mostly women and children, are fleeing South Sudan into neighboring countries to...

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