COVID-19: Africans in China Being Blamed & Evicted

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Fresh from our, ‘What Now?” file, Okay Africa is reporting Africans in China are being forcefully evicted from their housing because they are blamed or what we would call scapegoated for spread of the Coronavirus also referred to as COVID-19.

Damola Durosomo of Okay Africa writes:

“Fears of a second wave of coronavirus in China have led to widespread racism and xenophobia against African populations. Reports of Africans being forced out of their homes in Guangzhou, China have caused fear amongst its African community and backlash across social media.

As China faces more cases of the novel coronavirus, much of the blame has been placed on foreign nationals who are being accused of importing new cases into the country. Guangzhou, nicknamed “Little Africa,” has the highest population of African immigrants—largely from Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Uganda—who have long been a target of racial discrimination. Tensions further escalated over the weekend when Chinese state media reported that five Nigerians had contracted the virus and passed it onto a local restaurant owner.”

Footage of Africans sleeping on the streets have caused outrage.

Ugandan politician and musician Bobi Wine has partnered with businessman Neil Nelson to airlift affected Africans and African-Americans “to a country in Africa that is willing to receive them.” Neil Nelson is co-founder of media firm Atlanta BlackStar.

This story is developing.

Read the entire article referenced here at OkayAfrica.

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