Disney & Kugali: Partnership will Bring African Stories to Audiences

The internet is ablaze over the news that Disney will partner with Kugali, a Nigerian comic and animation company, to create an animated series set on the continent. Iwájú will be a long-form series “steeped in science fiction” based in a futuristic Lagos, Nigeria, Disney says.

BBC reports:

Ibrahim, along with Nigerians Ziki Nelson and Tolu Olowofoyeku, created the company Kugali to tell “stories inspired by African culture using comic books, art and augmented reality” according to their website. “This show will combine Disney’s magic and animation expertise with Kugali’s fire and storytelling authenticity,” Nelson said.

In January 2019, Kugali created a stir by announcing the company would “kick  Disney’s arse” in terms of content creation and storytelling.

Iwájú, means “the future” in Yoruba. Here’s to a great partnership and future for Kumagli and Disney.

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