Dominica Observes 34 Years of Political Independence

Dominica celebrates 34 years of political independence. (Google Images)

Caribbean 360 is reporting that Dominica is celebrating 34 years of political independence from Britain with the country’s newly elected head of state, Eliud Williams, telling citizens “we can be justifiably proud of the progress that we have made over those 34 years.”  Caribbean 360 writes:

Williams, who replaced prominent jurist Dr. Nicholas Liverpool last month, said that over the past three decades, Dominica had improved its social and physical infrastructure, electrified the entire country; built businesses and industries, schools and colleges, and developed a primary health care system which is a model to the developing world.

“Our scholars and artistes have achieved international recognition in various fields of endeavour which is a tribute to our resolve and intellectual capacity,” he said, adding when he examines the achievement “I am comforted that none of these developments could have occurred without the guidance of our Heavenly Father and the active support and engagement of our people.

“It is precisely because of these joint efforts and the engagement of all stakeholders that I believe that this year’s theme “Partnering for Further Progress and Development” is so appropriate.”

President Williams also called for more exploration of economic opportunities, pointing to Dominica’s participation in the development of broadband technology over the past decade.

Officially the Commonwealth of Dominica, Dominica is an island nation in the Lesser Antilles region of the Caribbean Sea, south-southeast of Guadeloupe and northwest of Martinique.

Read more at Caribbean 360.

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