Egyptian Army Provides Security Ahead of Referendum Vote

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has issued an edict allowing the army to take over security ahead of the vote on a constitutional referendum. (AFP) is reporting that the Egyptian military has assumed responsibility for security and protecting state institutions in the country until the results of a Dec. 15 constitutional referendum. Members of the army will also have the right to arrest citizens while maintaining security during the process.

Al Jazeera is reporting:

This is a simple up-or-down referendum: If a majority of voters approve of the constitution, it will go into effect.

If the constitution is rejected, then – pursuant to another decree issued by Morsi, this one on December 8 – a new assembly will be elected, by popular vote, within three months. It will have six months to draw up a new constitution, which will then face another public vote.

The edict goes into effect on the eve of mass rallies called by the opposition and President Morsi’s supporters.

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