Ethiopian Muslims and Christians Call for Unity Following Violence

Mohammed Awad of is reporting that Ethiopia Muslim and Christian students have once again called for unity after a violent attack on a police station in the eastern part of the country left at least four people dead. Awad writes:

“A group of concerned students told that the ongoing tension between the government and Muslims should be ended and they called on the government here in Addis Ababa to do more to ensure that violence does not erupt again.

“We believe that the government is creating this tension and fear of sectarian conflict in the country by not allowing the Muslim population to have their will in their own affairs,” said the group meeting at a cafe on Monday evening.

They added that the youth of the country should be consulted more “because we have connections with one another that goes beyond religious lines.”’

Muslims in Ethiopia have been holding mass protests against being mistreated as religious minorities in the country. (Google Images)

France 24 is reporting that Ethiopian Muslims have been protesting being treated like “terrorists.” France 24 reports:

“While the majority of people in Ethiopia are Orthodox Christian, nearly 34 percent of the population is Muslim. Although the country has no official religion and its constitution guarantees religious freedom, there are some Muslims who feel as though their rights have been encroached upon and accuse the government of pushing the ideology of al-Ahbash – a Sunni movement founded in Lebanon during the 20th century that largely condemns Salafism and encourages religious pluralism.”

Mass protests have been taking place since July and resulting in clashes with police and the arrest of hundreds of protesters.

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