Ghana: Deadly Downpours Cause Floods and Deaths

Deadly downpours have lead to flooding in Southern Ghana. (Photo: Google Images)

Deadly downpours have lead to flooding in Southern Ghana.
(Photo: Google Images)

Everton Fox of Al Jazeera is reporting after many days of heavy and steady rain, at least 10 people are dead in the south of Ghana. The streets of Accra have been left under water after the torrential downpours caused widespread flooding. Fox writes in his story dated June 16:

“The nation’s capital was hit bit 185mm of rain on Sunday, which is more than they would expect for the entire month of June. This is the wettest month of the year with an average rainfall of 178mm.

Since the weekend a further 50mm of rain has fallen exacerbating the severe problems already faced. President John Dramani Mahama has surveyed the areas concerned. He was reported to have driven through several neighbourhoods on a motorcycle.

Heavy downpours were also recorded 150km to the west of Accra in the Central Regional capital, Cape Coast where 10 people died in floods, Sandy Amartey, regional coordinator of the National Disaster Management organisation, told AFP.

‘In all we have 10 to 12 who lost their lives during this rainy season.'”

The rainy season is expected to last until early July.


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