Ghana: Kantanka Group Launches Nation’s First Auto

Kantanka Group has launched Ghana’s first automobiles. (Photo: Google Images)

Amir Daftari of CNN’s Africa Start-up reports the first cars to carry a “made in Ghana” seal have officially entered the marketplace among other major international brands. He reports:

“The man that made it happen is under no illusions about the difficulty of the task.

‘The biggest challenge is people believing (and) having faith in the car,’ says Kwadwo Safo Jr, CEO of Kantanka Group — the nation’s first manufacturers. ‘People think the doors will come off or the tires will blow off or something.’

To prove the Kantanka models are tough enough for local conditions, Safo gave them a baptism of fire serving the Ghanaian police.

‘They rough handle cars a lot,’ he says. ‘They took the car, and made it appeal to the masses.’

‘These cars are made for Ghana. We know how the roads are, and we built them to stand the roads.'”

The cars have received positive reviews. The company based in Accra has a small manufacturing plant that produces 100 cars a month, each costing $20,000. Safo’s goal is to distribute the cars throughout the world.


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