Griselda Blanco: ‘Godmother of Cocaine’ Killed

Douglas Stanglin of USA Today is reporting that legendary drug boss Griselda ‘Godmother of Cocaine’ Blanco has been killed. The woman who “pioneered the use of motorcyle-riding assassins among warring gangs,” was gunned down by a gunman on a motorcycle who shot her while she was leaving her butcher shop. The Medellin newspaper El Colombiano says she was exiting with her pregnant daughter-in-law, who escaped harm.

Stanglin reports that at the height of her criminal enterprise, she smuggled 3,400 pounds of cocaine per month by boat or plane into the U.S. She has been linked to 40 murders and spent 18 years in prison in the U.S. for drug trafficking and three murders, one of which was the murder of the 2-year-old son of one of her former enforcers.

According to Blanco’s daughter-in-law, Blanco had given up her life of crime and had planned to live as a civilian off of money from real estate sales. She was 69.

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