Guinea Bissau: President Jose Mario Vaz Fires Government

Guinea Bissau President Jose Mario Vaz. (Photo Credit: AFP)

Guinea Bissau President Jose Mario Vaz.
(Photo Credit: AFP)

Amatijane Cande of is reporting that Guinea Bissau’s president Jose Mario Vaz has “sacked” the government of the fragile West Africa country over a power struggle with Prime Minister Domingos Simoes Pereira.



Cande writes:

“Tensions, fed by overlapping duties in Guinea Bissau’s semi-presidential system, have grown between the president and Prime Minister Domingos Simoes Pereira since elections restored civilian rule last year following a 2012 coup. In a presidential statement issued late on Wednesday announcing his decision to dismiss Pereira and his cabinet with immediate effect, Vaz referred to what he called “a breach of trust” between the two men.
There was no immediate reaction from the prime minister, but PAIGC, the ruling party to which both Vaz and Pereira belong, was due to hold a press conference in the capital Bissau on Thursday. Pereira had previously said PAIGC was planning a convention this year to address the tensions, with a committee expected to study the constitution and clarify the two leaders’ responsibilities.”


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