Jimmy Manyi: South Africa's Government Spokesperson Out

South Africa’s government spokesperson Jimmy Manyi’s contract was not renewed. (Google Images)

Charles Molele of Mail & Guardian is reporting that Jimmy Manyi’s tenure as South Africa’s Government Spokesperson has come to an end. Manyi filled the entire term of his three-year contract and the ministry announced that it would not be renewed. The statement issued by the president’s office stated:

“Mr Jimmy Manyi was very instrumental in communicating government programmes particularly the five priorities of government to the people of South Africa. He has made a good contribution to government communication and Cabinet communication processes. On behalf of the President, Cabinet and government I would like to thank Mr. Manyi for his contribution to government communication” says Minister for Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Collins Chabane.

Some critics disagreed with the cabinet’s assessment of Manyi’s performance saying that he did not have a clear understanding of government communication. Instead of communicating information, Manyi made provocative statements angering many in the process. Manyi stirred controversy in 2011 when he spoke ill of coloured people, namely Indian South Africans.

Molele reports that, “The M&G has been reliably told that Home Affairs spokesperson Ronnie Mamoepa is tipped to succeed Manyi as the GCIS CEO.”

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