Kidpreneurs: 13-Year-Old Runs Successful Bow Tie Business

Moziah Bridges, 13, is owner of MO's Bows.   (Photo: Google Images)

Moziah Bridges, 13, is owner of MO’s Bows.

Nekala Alexander of Atlanta Black Star is reporting Moziah Bridges, 13, has built a successful business which has produced $200,000 in sales with his bow tie business, his business could be growing so much he might just have to start looking into accepting different online payment methods so more people can get their hands on these bow ties! When it comes to starting a business, age isn’t an issue. If you’re a similar age to Nekala and have a business idea that you want to execute, what better time to start than now? Maybe understanding the concept of something like strategy development may not come as easy as it may to someone with more experience, but knowing how to build a business and keep your customers happy is a start. We all have space to grow, no matter how old we are.

She writes:

“His name is Moziah Bridges and he is the CEO of Mo’s Bows. The teenage fashion designer started his company in 2011 at the tender age of nine when he asked his grandmother to teach him how to sew. He took her scraps of fabric and began making unique bow ties. Not long after, Mo’s Bows began selling to local stores and online. He may begin to use software such as the ones explained here – – to make life easier on the digital storefront, as the business is booming!

On his website Bridges explains his passion for making bow ties saying, ‘I like to wear bow ties because they make me look good and feel good. Designing a colorful bow tie is just part of my vision to make the world a fun and happier place.’

And as his vision is becoming actualized, the Memphis native went a step further into philanthropy. ‘I made this bow tie called the Go Mo! Scholarship Bow Tie and 100 percent of the proceeds go to help kids go to summer camp because I feel like it’s good to help the community and that’s what I’m doing,’ Bridges said.

Bridges appeared on Shark Tank in 2014 to pitch Mo’s Bows to potential investors. He had to choose between accepting $50,000 for his innovative idea while sharing royalties with Kevin O’Leary, or have John as a mentor. The young businessman chose John’s influence over money, and so far the decision has proven to be a wise one.”

Bridges leads a staff of five people, some of whom needed sales training courses before going on to help the business. Sales training is an immensely important part of any business, especially one so small and promising as this!

Read more about this dynamic teen at Atlanta Black Star.

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