Lamar Hawkins III: Funeral Held for Bullied 14-Year-Old

Bullied 14-year-old commits suicide. (Photo Credit: Google Images)

Bullied 14-year-old commits suicide. (Photo Credit: Google Images)

WESH TV is reporting that hundreds gathered for the funeral of Lamar Hawkins III, a 14-year-old boy that committed  suicide at Greenwood Lakes Middle School last week. Hawkins’ parents believe the boy committed suicide due due to bullying he suffered from a stunted growth disorder.

“Her 14-year-old son, who they called Shaq, had stunted growth, and his family believes that made him an easy target. She said he was pushed down the stairs, knocked out of his chair and mocked at lunch.”

Lamar’s mother, Shaniqua Hawkins, is saying that the family had voiced their concerns to the school about the bullying that had been taking place.

Shaniqua Hawkins told WESH TV:

“I felt paralyzed by the inability to make the bullying stop at school…I watched him walk out the door of our home and knew there was a very good chance others would be cruel to him.”


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