Marielle Franco: U.N. Calls for Investigation into Assassination

U.N. calls for investigation into Brazilian activist Marielle Franco was assassinated.
(Photo: La Republica)

Philip Reeves of National Public Radio (NPR) is reporting the U.N. is calling for an investigation into the assassination of Brazilian activist Marielle Franco. Franco campaigned for women’s rights and civil rights for black Brazilians while protesting lethal tactics used by Brazilian police. Reeves states:

“It’s been two weeks since Marielle Franco and her driver were shot dead in their car in Rio. The following day, tens of thousands of Brazilians took to the streets, demanding the killers be held to account and calling for an end to the bloodshed plaguing their society. So far, the police have made no arrests, and the violence is spreading.”



Protesters are hoping that an investigation will help end the violence spreading throughout the country. Five teenagers were recently killed execution style. The boys were members of a rap circle that critiqued these same issues. Some say it was random while others believe it is part of a campaign of terror against people speaking out against major issues like those Franco confronted.

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