Meet the Makers: ‘History of White People’ Creators Speak 7 p.m. EST (ZOOM)

The History of White People Still from episode 1. (Courtesy of the World Channel)

Tonight audiences have the chance to meet the team behind The History of White People in America, the animated series that explores how skin color became race and how race came to shape the trajectory of American history. Now streaming on WORLD Channel’s YouTube, the animated shorts depict the truth of what it means to be American and how group identities are constantly evolving. A free Zoom event presented by Boston-based WORLD Channel — tonight’s Meet the Makers event starts at 7 p.m. ET and will feature conversations with the filmmakers, scenes from the series and musical selections as part of the Your Vote 2020 campaign.

WORLD Channel proudly presents a special “Meet the Makers’ virtual event for THE HISTORY OF WHITE PEOPLE IN AMERICA as part of our Your Vote 2020 campaign.  Featuring dynamic musical selections, an intimate conversation with filmmakers and special guests, and scenes from the animated series, this promises to be a timely and engaging conversation about the compelling issues that face our nation. THE HISTORY OF WHITE PEOPLE IN AMERICA examines how skin color has come to define race in our country.

The shorts capture the truth of what it means to be American – that “us” and “them” are constantly redefined, that our racial history deserves contemplation, and that above all else we are bound by our rich differences in experience and identity.  Follow and join the social conversation with #YourVote2020 and #HistoryofWhitePeopleinAmerica.

Panelists will include:

*         Pierce Freelon, Director, HOWPIA
*         Jon Halperin, Producer, HOWPIA
*         Cornelius Moore, California Newsreel
*         Ronda Taylor Bullock, We Are

Moderator: Paris Alston, producer Radio Boston

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