Netflix Goes Spanish: Releasing First Original Spanish Series


Justin Bachman of Businessweek is reporting that Netflix (NFLX) is releasing its first original non-English-language series after expanding to 41 countries and producing almost two dozen shows of its own. The 13-episode comedy will be set in the world of professional fútbol, with dialogue in Spanish.

Bachman writes:

“The show, currently untitled, will make its debut next year from the production team behind Nosotros los Nobles, a box office hit in Mexico that showed the foibles of a wealthy family forced to cope with sudden poverty (not unlike another Netflix-produced series, Arrested Development). The movie’s director, Gil Alazraki, and producer, Leonardo Zimbron, formed Alazraki Entertainment this year and were keen to keep the film’s production crew intact for another project. The show will be shot in Mexico, with a cast drawn from across Latin America.”

Read more at Businessweek.

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