Nigeria: Veteran Nollywood Actor Elebuwa Dies

Veteran Nollywood actor Enebeli Elebuwa, has died at the age of 65. (Google Images)
is reporting that veteran Nollywood actor Enebeli Elebuwa has died. Elebuwa, had been battling the effects of a stroke.  He had battled diabetes in recent years and suffered a stroke last year. He had received treatment in Nigeria before being moved to a hospital in India where he died on Tuesday. Elebuwa will be remembered for his role as Andrew in a campaign by the Federal Government in the 1980s to discourage Nigerians from fleeing the country. Elebuwa is one of many celebrated Nigerian actors that have recently passed away including Pete Eneh, Sam Loco Efe, actress Geraldine Ekeocha and veteran actors Ashley Nowosu, Yoruba actor Hammed ‘Dento’ Odunla and Taiwo Bello. Elebuwa was 65.

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