Rawandan Authorities: 50,000 Genocide Suspects

Skulls from the Hutu-Tutsi civil war in Rwanda in 1994 often referred to as the Rwandan genocides. (Google Images)

AllAfrica.com is reporting that Rwanda justice officials have compiled a list of 50,000 suspects that are alleged to have participated in the 1994 genocides. Rwandan authorities have issued arrest warrants for 146 of these suspects, but state they are working on the case files of the others. Most of these people have been tried and convicted in absentia by the semi-traditional gacaca courts which finished working at the end of June. The author writes:

‘We have confidence in our cooperation with the different states concerned,” said Jean Bosco Siboyintore, head of the genocide accused tracking unit of the Rwandan Prosecutor’s office.”Sooner or later these people will be arrested.’

They must either serve their sentences here, or get their trial reviewed,” he told Hirondelle (news agency located in Lausanne).’

While most of those thought to have participated in the genocides reside in Africa, namely the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia, the largest number of suspects living in Europe are residing in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Read more at AllAfrica.com.

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