Rwanda: Orphaned Siblings Reunite to Build Rwandan ‘Craigslist’

Siblings Chance Tubane and Patience Nduwawe are the founders of Tohoza, Rwanda's 'Craigslist'.  (Photo Credit: CNN)

Siblings Chance Tubane and Patience Nduwawe are the founders of Tohoza, Rwanda’s ‘Craigslist’.
(Photo Credit: Jessica Ellis/CNN)

Teo Kermeliotis and Jessica Ellis of CNN are reporting that Chance Tubane and Patience Nduwawe, siblings who were orphaned during the Rwandan genocide in 1994. The siblings were reunited a decade after the genocide and are now working together in a tech business to help their country by connecting all Rwandans.

The authors write:

“The two siblings have combined their skills in IT and communication to launch, Rwanda’s top online advertisement platform. Similar to the popular Western website Craigslist, Tohoza is a web-based classified ad directory where Rwandans can post or look for job vacancies as well as buy, sell and rent just about anything — from houses and cars to watches and shoes.

Just two years after its launch, Tohoza is today the third most popular website in Rwanda, with about 9,000 visitors per day.

‘We said we had to create a product that would help a lot of people,’ says Nduwawe. ‘What Rwandans need now is information, so we started Tohoza to deliver the most accurate and timely information to them.'”

The siblings hope to give Rwanda a more “optimistic narrative” about the country.

Read more at CNN.

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