Islamist extremist al-Qaeda linked group Al Shabab has banned the use of the internet in Somalia. (Photo Credit: Google Images)
Islamist extremist al-Qaeda linked group Al Shabab has banned the use of the internet in Somalia. (Photo Credit: Google Images) is reporting that Islamist extremist rebels Al-Shabab  has banned use of the Internet. Abdi Moalim writes:

“In a statement published January 8th on the Somalimemo website, al-Shabaab announced its internet ban, ordering telecommunications companies to stop providing internet services within 15 days.

The statement also warned that companies and individuals that do not follow the directive will be viewed as enemies and punished under sharia law.

Al-Shabab justified its ban by saying Western intelligence agencies, especially US and British agencies, use the internet to gather information on the mujahideen.”

Al-Shabab believes that the Internet is a danger to Muslims and goes against the laws of Islam. Somali citizens and human rights groups are outraged by this mandate. In November, Liquid Telecommunications announced the first fibre-optic link into Somalia. The link crosses the Kenya-Somalia border, and then connects to the network of Hormuud Telecom, boosting connectivity speeds across southern and central Somalia.

There are seven more days before the al-Qaeda linked group begins enforcing the ban. This story is developing.


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