Somalia: Radio Stations Shut Down for Airing Al-Shabab Leaders

Somali journalists in body armor. (Google Images)

Somali journalists in body armor. (Google Images) is reporting that two Somali radio stations have been taken off of the air after broadcasting speeches by al-Shabab leaders. The speeches aired included spokesman Ali Dere, who discussed the death of Ali Godane and the announcement of Godane’s successor Ahmed Omar Abu-Ubeyda aka Ahmed Dhere.

The staffs of Kulmiye and Simba FM radio stations in the capital Mogadishu, were detained by the Somali Intelligence Agency (S.I.A).

Last week, the SIA warned independent Somali media outlets not to publish or broadcast any information or speeches related to Al-shabab. Shabelle and Sky FM were shut down last week for airing al-Shabab content. The chairman of Somali independent media houses association (SIMHA) Hassan Ali Gesey was detained last week for speaking out against the “media crackdown” by the government.

Those detained have been reportedly beaten and tortured.

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