South Africa: E-Learning to Help Bridge Access Gap

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Tom Jackson of the BBC is reporting South Africa will make use of digital tools to help ensure access to primary school for millions of students. The trend is two-fold — learners will get the education they deserve and companies will generate revenue by providing access to education digitally. Jackson writes:

“This process is already evident in Africa, which according to Unesco has 30 million primary-age children not attending school, over half the global total.

Yet the continent is overcoming challenges surrounding lack of internet access and electricity to become a major player in the e-learning space.

According to a recent report from Ambient Insights, Africa is the region globally where e-learning revenues are most likely to increase, with South Africa the leading market on the continent.

The University of South Africa (Unisa), which teaches through distance learning, has over 310,000 South African and international students enrolled.

And mobile operators have launched digital learning projects, such as Vodacom’s “e-school” offering online educational content.”

Read more at BBC.

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