Stacey Abrams: Watch SOTU & Abrams Response LIVE

President Donald Trump will deliver his State of the Union Address tonight at 9 p.m. EST. Georgia Gubernatorial Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams will make history tonight following his address becoming the first first black womanto make such a nationally televised address in U.S. history.

Georgia’s Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate and anti-voter suppression activist Stacey Abrams.
(Photo: Facebook/StaceyAbrams)

“At a moment when our nation needs to hear from leaders who can unite for a common purpose, I am honored to be delivering the Democratic State of the Union response,” Abrams, 45, said in a statement. “I plan to deliver a vision for prosperity and equality, where everyone in our nation has a voice and where each of those voices is heard.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she chose Abrams, a non-sitting member of Congress which is also a first to offer the Democratic response because she “embodies the American Dream.” NY senator Charles Schumer called Abrams “a present and future leader in this country” who offered a strong contrast to Trump.

Watch the State of the Union (SOTU) Address and response live on CSPAN.

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