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The Burton Wire is a team effort. The editorial staff meets regularly to decide on the stories that speak to our audiences and our core values – truthfulness, honesty and diversity. In addition to our editorial staff, we rely on contributions from writers and thinkers who add value to our editorial voice. The Burton Wire is committed to working together to bring voices from the margins to the center in a way that is thoughtful, informed and compelling.

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Founder and Editor-in-Chief – Nsenga K. Burton, Ph.D.

Nsenga K. Burton, Ph.D. is founder & editor-in-chief of the award-winning news site the Burton Wire. She is a media scholar who focuses on issues of race, class, gender and sexuality. Nsenga is also editor-at-large for The Root and a regular contributor to the Huffington Post.  She has appeared on numerous radio, television and new media outlets as an expert on related topics. Dr. Burton is currently a Visiting Professor of New Media and Journalism at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta. The award-winning writer holds degrees from Northwestern University, New York University, University of Pennsylvania and the University of Southern California. Follow her on Twitter @Ntellectual or @TheBurtonWire.

Chris Daniel

Pop Culture and Music Contributor – Christopher A. Daniel

Christopher A. Daniel is the pop cultural critic and music editor for The Burton Wire. He is also a contributing writer for Urban Lux Magazine and Blues & Soul Magazine and has been featured on HuffPost Live. Christopher is also the Internship coordinator for the Department of Mass Media Arts at Clark Atlanta University. The award-winning journalist holds degrees from Johnson C. Smith University and the Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia. Follow Christopher @Journalistorian on Twitter.


Culture Contributor – Chetachi A. Egwu, Ph.D.

Chetachi A. Egwu, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Humanities at Nova Southeastern University. Her scholarship focuses on Black Internet Usage and the African image in film, with an emphasis in documentary. The Howard University alumna is the owner of Conscious Thoughts Media. Dr. Egwu is a regular contributor to The Grio and The Burton Wire. Follow her on Twitter @Tachiada.

Patrick Mamou

Brand Manager – Patrick Mamou

Patrick Nolan Mamou heads The Marketing Group, LLC (TMG). Recently, Patrick served as an Organizing Fellow for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, Organizing For America. He is also founder of the Williamsburg Jazz & Wine Festival, Fest Fridays and Black Alumni Network. His areas of expertise are branding, event marketing and business development.

<br /><br /><br /><br /> Reginald Calhoun

Editorial Assistant – Reginald Calhoun

Reginald Calhoun is an editorial assistant for The Burton Wire. Reginald, a Richmond, CA, native is a junior Mass Media Arts major at Clark Atlanta University. He is a budding Public Relations professional and aspiring author who is passionate about online and print journalism. Follow him on Twitter @IRMarsean.

Gianna Rosetta Smith

Editorial Assistant – Gianna Rosetta Smith

Gianna Rosetta Smith is a singer-songwriter, entertainment blogger and editorial assistant for The Burton Wire. Raised in Queens, New York and currently enrolled at Clark Atlanta University with a major in Print Journalism and a minor in Fashion Merchandising, Gianna is pursuing a career in editorial direction and content curation. Her current writing samples can be found on her site Follow her on Twitter @goodtoxins.

If you are interested in writing for The Burton Wire, please send pitches and submissions (350 to 500 words in Microsoft word format) to Please include a resume with embedded links to writing samples and contact information for two references.


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  2. sonja brooks

    Dear Nsenga and Staff,

    Great job you are doing. I love reading TBW. Globally informative, providing an unmasked insight on multi-dimensions of our world society, politics, religion, culture etc. This is new world journalistic relevancy and I appreciate it like a breath of fresh air.
    Keep up the great work.

    Thank you

    Sonja B.

  3. yuhan bao

    Dear TBWers:
    I’m a university student from China.I saw TBW just this morning when I’m looking for this song “Dangay”. O(∩_∩)O I think this website is quite interesting and somehow useful to me.
    I want to say Thank you to you, this is the reason why I leave this reply. I can see and learn many things here. Truly.

  4. I saw your story on Kendrick Johnson, the young man found dead inside his high school’s gym, rolled inside a gym mat. His death was ruled an accident by the Lowndes County Sheriff. “Kendrick Johnson’s Death: Freak Accident or Murder,” a must hear podcast. This podcast is an exclusive two hour interview Kenneth and Jackie Johnson, parents of Kendrick Johnson, along with their attorney Chevene King. On this interview they disclosed information about Kendrick’s death and the investigation that had not been released until now, take a listen.

  5. JP

    How in the world do you make the Jimmy Kimmel/Kanye West feud about race??? You know how many skits there have been using little kids, white AND black? I’m black and I didn’t find it offensive at all and I grew up in bad neighborhoods where whites were considered as apathetic. It is universally known that Kanye has a mental disorder and that’s not a joke. Look at his behavior starting at the very beginning. Even he has admitted that his childhood has made him feel entitled. So, you either made this statement because you’re friends with him or because you have a personally beef with Kimmel. Either way, stop it because there are ACTUAL issues out there that have to do with race.

    • TheBurtonWire

      Wow. I actually discussed Kanye’s mental illness in the interview and it did not make it into the post. Please don’t make assumptions about what I said. I also said that it is hard to defend Kanye West because of his antics, but looking at his situation in a historical context, Kimmel’s stand-up is problematic in terms of race and a lot of other factors. Clearly that won’t make it into a 350 word post either. Again, please stop with your assumptions. For the record, I’m not a Kanye or Kimmel fan.

  6. I read your blip off of yahoo news about the Jimmy Kimmel and Kayne west issue and the only problem I have is that you made it into a race issue. That had nothing to do about race. You made it into a race issue and that is part of the problem in America with racism. You cannot pull the race card on Kimmel because he was just making fun of the person that is Kayne West; not because he is black.

  7. I just re-read your blip again and wow, you sort of sound like a racist. “because he is a white man.”. Oh my god. Great way to generalize white people. As if whites have no idea what black people went through and are still going through. I am white and went to a black school and the racism from black people towards me just because I was white was astounding. To say “because he is a white man” is very racist and shame on you for pulling that topic to that realm. How about you talk about the racism from black towards white and how that is also wrong and also hit on the topic of how black people are some of the most bigoted people as a whole. What have gays done to blacks to get so much hate? I am done, good day mam.

  8. Tracy Smith

    Thanks for increasing my level of awareness. I find this site useful and will share with others, including my daughter. “Think for yourself!” Such a great maxim!!

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