Steve Biko Archive Published by Google

Google launches the Steve Biko archive which features documents that were not previously publicly available. (Google Images)

BBC Africa is reporting that the Steve Biko South Africa Archive has been published by Google. Thirty-five years after the death of Biko while in police custody, an online archive about the South African anti-apartheid activist is now available.

Curated by the Steve Biko Foundation, the archive is part of 42 historical exhibitions published by Google, whose goal is to narrate major events of the last century, including apartheid, D-Day and the Holocaust. The Biko archive features documents that have not been available to the public including his 1973 banning order restricting his activities. The article states:

“Steve Biko was a banned person – he was not allowed to be quoted, he couldn’t publish anything, his image could not be printed in the newspaper,” Obenewa Amponsah of the Steve Biko Foundation said.

Biko, one of the most iconic and revered anti-apartheid activists, died from head injuries sustained after spending nearly a month in police custody. He was 30.

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