Student Killed During Student Protest in Haiti

Police officers detain student protesters in Port-au-Prince. (Google Images)

Evans Sanon of ABC News is reporting an unidentified man was shot dead Friday during a student protest in downtown Port-au-Prince. The killing occurred near a university campus where students have been protesting over a prison guard’s alleged fatal shooting of a 24-year-old graduate student last Saturday.

Sanon writes:

Frantz Lerebours, spokesman for Haiti’s police force, said the young man was killed when a “civilian” hopped off the back of a passing motorcycle in the heart of Port-au-Prince and shot the victim. He said police were searching for the killer.

Police made one arrest on charges of public disturbance during the protest, Lerebours said. The arrest brought the week’s total of arrests to three, for the same charges.

The victim appeared to be in his twenties. He was shot three times. The investigation into his death is ongoing.

Read more at ABC News.

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