The Last Laugh: Black Women’s Book Club Wins

Members of the Sistahs on The Reading Edge Book Club. (Photo: Daily Mail)

Members of the Sistahs on The Reading Edge Book Club.
(Photo: Daily Mail)

Brendan O’Brien of Reuters is reporting 11 women have reached a settlement with a California wine train company they sued for $11 million for racial discrimination after they were kicked off the train for being too loud, their lawyer said on Monday. O’Brien writes:

“Members of the “Sistahs on the Reading Edge Book Club” came to an “amicable settlement” with the Napa Valley Wine Train company on Thursday, six months after filing a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Northern California, their attorney Waukeen McCoy said.

‘We hope that other businesses learn from this case and implement diversity and sensitivity training for employees,’ McCoy said in an email to Reuters.

The 11 women, 10 of whom are African-American, were ordered off the vintage train on Aug. 22 after other passengers complained the group was too loud. The expulsion sparked widespread anger on social media.

The women sued the company in October, seeking $11 million in damages for the violation of their civil rights.”

McCoy did not disclose the terms of the settlement and train company officials could not be immediately reached for comment. Two of the women were subsequently fired after the train company posted false information about the incident on social media.

Read more at Reuters.

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