The cast of the Ghanaian web series 'An African City.' (Photo: Millie Monyo/Google Images)
The cast of the Ghanaian web series 'An African City.' (Photo: Millie Monyo/Google Images)
The cast of the Ghanaian web series ‘An African City.’
(Photo: Millie Monyo/Google Images)

Writing for, Torey Van Oot discusses “An African City,” a web series that examines what it’s really like to be a young, professional woman who settles in Africa after years of living abroad. Van Oot writes:

“Inspired by Sex and the City, the show is centered on the experience of Nana Yaa, a New York-raised Ghanaian who decides to move back to the country’s capital city of Accra after earning degrees at Georgetown and Columbia. Yaa reconnects with four friends who’ve also returned to what they lovingly call “the continent” in search of professional success, love, and a sense of identity.

‘There are 7 billion people in the world,’ Yaa, who narrates à la Carrie Bradshaw, says in the series’ opening scenes. ‘Every once in a while, one of those people find his or her way home. Or, once in a while, home finds them.’

The show, which has billed itself as Africa’s first web series, has touched a nerve with women around the world.”

“An African City” explores the “returnee experience” and follows the lives of two women who move to Ghana as adults after spending years working and studying in the United States.

Executive Producer Millie Monyo, who was born in New York and has Ghanaian roots, says being a returnee is “a valuable experience that people are looking to tap into” in Accra and beyond.


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